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Common SEO Myths Debunked Once And For All

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A lot of entrepreneurs who aspire to go online often get intimidated by anything related to SEO.

Now, that’s something perfectly understandable. This might even be how you felt the first time you ever encountered the process. But given that you’re reading this blog now, you must surely be the type to persevere no matter how difficult things are in the beginning.

And the reward for those who persevere, despite hardships, is the knowledge to help you attain success—for it is something only you can achieve for yourself.

So, as a reward, we’ll debunk the common SEO myths that stop aspiring entrepreneurs from even trying it.

Let’s put these misconceptions to rest, shall we?

SEO Requires Huge Corporate Budgets

One of the most notorious myths is that SEO requires a huge amount of money. For small and medium enterprises, this is already such a huge mountain to conquer. Not many have budgetslike corporations do, which is why a lot abandon SEO altogether.

It’s true that SEO would require a bit of spending here and there. But, to be really honest, it doesn’t have to be that expensive.

A lot of great advertising companies are now offering packages that cater to different budget ranges, making it more inclusive for businesses that only have much to spare. For those already experts in SEO, they can even do it themselves. So, money is not the real issue here. It’s just a matter of finding the right company to accommodate your budget and work your way towards having a bigger one once your efforts pay off.

Some Keywords Are Too Saturated and Competitive

Another myth that discourages people is that their chosen keywords are too saturated and competitive, making it nearly impossible to rank in Google.

While it is true that you might be looking at keywords commonly used by everybody on the internet, it doesn’t mean that it’s too competitive for you. In these cases, it’s a matter of your Unique Value Proposition.

You have to create content that distinguishes you from your competitors and entices your customers to click on your link instead.

Sure, established sites have higher rankings but you can climb up that ladder if you follow the best practices of SEO like making sure you have a good backlinking profile and you have relative content up on your page. Uniqueness goes a long way, especially in SEO.

Link Building Is Bad

Seriously, who even started this myth?

Well, maybe black-hat strategies that abuse link building should be the ones to blame, since they put link building in a bad light.

If you don’t already know, link building is one of the most important things you can ever do for your page—Google loves it a lot!

One of the most important types of links are backlinks. These links other websites to yours, which improves your site rank tenfold. Study the art of linking to relevant researches or studies that make your content more valuable and relevant.

These backlinks give credibility to your website and grant it authority that Google will definitely recognize. So, no, link building is definitely not bad all the way.

Google Only Cares for New Content

Whoever said that only fresh content had higher rankings must have been a newbie in the playing field.

No, Google doesn’t limit itself to just newly published content. In fact, articles and blogs published years before can still rank higher than ones done just a few hours ago, for as long as they are updated and adherent to SEO rules.

Why do you think so many veteran websites still appear on the first page? Same goes for you. If you’ve been blogging or releasing content since time immemorial, all you have to do is update your content accordingly.

Add new information that makes your article or blog relevant to the current situation or context.

Don’t let the thought die out, if it’s still considered valuable today.

Good Content Doesn’t Need Link Building

Really, if your content is that good, it will surely need link building for it to reach the right people.

Why waste content if you don’t back it up with one of the things it actually needs?

The quality and number of websites that link to your website are two of the things that search engines look at. The more favorable the results are, the better your ranking is. Moreover, being a backlink to a reputable website can also lead traffic to yours. This traffic is also quite authentic, making it plausible for profit. So why wouldn’t you want to use it?

To debunk this myth, good content needs link building to make it even better.


Don’t believe everything you see—or hear—so easily. You have to do your own research and read up as much as you can, just like what you did just now.

SEO is a profitable process that only rewards those who really strive to use it to their advantage.

The myths we’ve debunked above should be enough to encourage you to go for it and just keep on updating yourself with the latest trends

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